US: White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway resigns

Kellyanne Conway has announced that she is resigning from the White House post as Senior Counsel to US President Donald Trump.

The announcement comes after one of Mrs Conway’s daughters, Claudia, tweeted that her mother’s job had “ruined [her] life” – a message that has gone viral.

In a statement, Mrs Conway said she is resigning by the end of August to focus on her children, giving them “less drama, more mama”.

Her husband George, an outspoken critic of the president, will also be stepping back from political activism.

Mrs Conway is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention later this week, but it is unclear if she will still do so in light of her decision to step down.

As Senior Counsellor at the White House, Mrs Conway acted as political advisor to President Trump and maintained a highly-influential position in the administration.

She is also the first woman to lead a successful US presidential campaign, spearheading Mr Trump’s successful effort in 2016.

She has served for four years making her the highest-ranking woman in the White House.