US re-affirms support for Zimbabwe

By ZBC Reporter
UNITED STATES has reaffirmed its commitment to helping zimbabwe address the socio_economic challenges that the country is facing. US Ambassador, Brian Nichols paid a courtesy call on Vice President Kembo Mohadi this Tuesday morning and emphasised that the US government is committed to helping Zimbabwe come up with a lasting solution to the challenges the country is facing.
“Today’ s courtesy call was mainly to check in with His Excellency, the Vice President on the current situation to continue our dialogue on food security and mitigating drought and the effects of cyclone Idai. It was also to discuss important economic reforms that Zimbabwe is pursuing and will be central to find a lasting solution to the challenges that this country face and we also re-affirmed our commitment to the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe,” said Ambassador Nichols.
The Vice president said the US and Zimbabwe have a long-standing relationship dating back to the early days of Zimbabwe’s independence.
“We had a very good interaction with His Excellency, Ambassador to Zimbabwe. We touched on issues pertaining to reforms in terms of legislation and we also discussed about electoral reforms, food mitigation and also on food assistance that the US will provide to Zimbabwe. The US has been of great assistance to Zimbabwe since the inception of our independence. They continue to assist us in areas like the health sector, education sector and also the agriculture sector.
The US is the biggest donor to Zimbabwe, since independence it has provided Zimbabwe with over 3.2billion worth of assistance.