US imperialism crumbles in Afghanistan: Political analysts

By Bruce Chahwanda

The unfolding events in Afghanistan where the Taliban has taken over power have been described as a major triumph against Western imperialism and double standards.

Two decades ago, the United States of America invaded Afghanistan in the name of protecting citizens against terrorism.

The decision was heavily criticised by progressive forces across the world as the US was advancing its imperialism in Afghanistan through a puppet regime and come August 2021, the united citizens of Afghanistan have defeated imperialism.

Political analysts are convinced that besides the victory over imperialism, the unfolding events in Afghanistan are a clear case of the US’s double standards after withdrawing its forces and citizens leaving local allies at the mercy of the Taliban.

“The big lesson to the continent and the world is there is no gain for being a puppet. You can say you are protected, but when the time comes they will leave you behind to face the enemy. Thousands of people who were used by Americans are stranded at the airport with no one to help. That lesson in Afghanistan is important that you can only be used and by its very nature a puppet is used, so you gain nothing for being a puppet, but the best thing is to live by principle,” said political analyst, Dr Augustine Tirivangana.

Another political analyst, Mr Tafadzwa Mugwadi, said developments in Afghanistan show the death of US imperialism which has crumbled under a united front.

“This is the collapse of US imperialism. It was bound to fall anywhere because when a people are united under the banner of nationalism they cannot be defeated. Twenty years ago, the US invaded Afghanistan supporting a puppet government and 20 years later, the resilience of the people of Afghanistan is prevailing. It is a clear lesson to Africa. It is a clear lesson to Zimbabwe. It is a clear lesson to Southern Africa and to our people that there is nothing that can defeat the resolve of a united people whether it is imperialism, neo-colonialism whatever form it is, a united people will always prevail.”

Respected political minds have time and again argued that United States of America is on a sinister agenda of invading sovereign states in the name of protecting democracy and human rights with Afghanistan a clear example of the US’s double standards.