Unscrupulous chrome buyers distorting price of the commodity

By Mthokozisi Dube

CHROME miners in Mberengwa have called for the monitoring of the chrome price in the wake of dishonest buyers who are taking advantage of covid-19 to distort pricing.

Under normal circumstances, a tonne of chrome is pegged at US$80.

However, with the absence of competitive buyers due to covid -19, unscrupulous buyers are taking advantage of the situation to reduce the buying by half.

Mberengwa chrome miners believe the government should closely monitor the price of the mineral to ensure their operations are safeguarded.

Meanwhile, some chrome miners under ceded ZIMASCO claims are up in arms with the company for relocating them to new labour demanding deep sites.

In response to the allegations, the mining entity’s spokesperson Clara Sadomba said ZIMASCO ceded some claims to government in 2016 as part of efforts to maintain their operations.

“Please note zimasco ceded claims in 2016 to the government,” said Sadomba.

“Indeed it is likely that the areas miners were moved would require more resources as shallow mining is already exhausted. almost all claims have been partially mined and now require proper equipment for further mining to be done.”

Communities along the Great Dyke have been sustaining their livelihoods through chrome mining in a belt that stretches from Mberengwa to Mhondoro Ngezi.