Unpacking the recycling process of plastic paper

By Mercy Bofu

RECYCLING has become one of the best waste management practices as it promotes environmental stewardship and reduces demand for raw materials.

In our Science and Technology feature tonight, we explore the recycling process of plastic paper into carrier bags.

The recycling process of the plastic paper begins by melting and pelletising the collected plastic waste into pellets as explained by Mr Tivongeshe Bhebhe, a production manager at a recycling firm, Stable Packaging.

Before coming into the production line, the plastics would have already gone through the separation and cleaning stage to ensure they do not contaminate recycling machines.

Produced granules by the pelletiser are taken into a drying machine ready for a film blower where the new plastic is produced.

Now that plastic rolls are produced, the final stage is coming up with carrier bags ready for use.

According to scientists, depending on the material and structure, plastics can take between 20 to 500 years to decompose, hence the importance of harnessing recycling to save the environment.