Unpacking the Mbudzi Traffic Interchange; site to close this Sunday to traffic

By John Nhandara

A new magnificent infrastructure is beckoning in the form of a traffic interchange being constructed at Mbudzi Roundabout to ensure seamless flow of traffic.

Fourteen bridges which are at various levels of completion are being constructed at the Interchange.

Project director, Engineer Lawrence Mberikwazvo explains the major functions of the complex bridges and how the interchange will enable seamless flow of traffic upon completion.

“We are constructing 14 bridges here. Motorist we be diverted through these bridges and there are no any chances of congestion because traffic will be diverted,” he said.

Bridge Number One will be nine metres long, with the whole interchange covering an area of nine square kilometers.

“Ideally, we are covering nine square metres of the proposed interchange. We have this existing bridge which we be carrying traffic from Glen Norah and feeding into three lanes which we will construct.”

Once complete, the complex interconnected bridges will ensure traffic moves without stopping through the critical intersection of major north-south and east-west roads.

Meanwhile, The Mbudzi traffic circle is set to be closed on Sunday to pave way for other onsite civil engineering works as the traffic Interchange takes shape.

The roundabout is characterised by huge traffic volumes and congestion, with construction of a traffic interchange expected to address the challenge.

Officials from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development Ministry were on assessment tour of the multi-million dollar project this Wednesday.

“What we are doing is constructing bridges as they are the main component of the interchange. On this bridge two we around 80 percent complete and we are preparing to pour in the deck about 600cubic metres, but generally terms of constructing the bridges we are at 50 to 55 percent complete. We are pleased with the progress because the contractor is meeting the timelines. We are also pleased with the work and quality,” said Engineer Theodius Chinyanga, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development.

People from surrounding areas have welcomed the government project, describing it as the first of its kind.

“We have witnessed development not only beneficial to our community but foe the nation at large,” a resident said.

Roundabout to close this Sunday

Meanwhile, the Mbudzi roundabout will be closed for the next one and half years as from this Sunday, to pave way for onsite civil engineering works.

Portions of the Harare – Masvingo Road, Chitungwiza Road and High Glen Road will be closed, with motorists urged to use available diversion routes.

The Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Hon Mike Madiro said, “This is a necessary inconvenience because beyond the one and half years, we will have a beautiful structure that will address all the challenges we are facing at Mbudzi round about.”

“We urge motorist to use diversion routes that are available. Heavy vehicles must by all possible means avoid using roads leading to this interchange. For example, heavy vehicles from Zambia must use Glen Eagles Road,” said the managing director of the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe, Mr Munesu Munodawafa.

The Second Republic’s robust infrastructure development drive has also seen the rehabilitation of roads under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme.