Unmarked city trenches posing danger to motorists

By Patience Nyagato

THE Harare city council’s ineptitude came to the fore after a car fell into an unmarked trench along Second street extension.

The city fathers have been found wanting on several occasions with road maintenance being one of the biggest challenges.

An unattended trench dug along Second Street Extension with no markings or barricades to warn motorists of an impending hazard is just but one of the incidents that bring questions on whether council takes their role of service provision with the seriousness it deserves.

An unsuspecting motorist crashed into the pit that has been lying idle for days.

The wife to the victim and eyewitnesses explained how the accident happened.

“So he was coming from Avondale intending to take filter lane into church hill. So when he saw the heap of soil he thought of taking left only to notice there was a trench too late,” said the eyewitness.

Passing motorists did not have kind words for the local authority which in this case failed to at least put signs to show that there are construction works ahead.

“Council has failed us there is no sign or anything to show that there is a trench, they have failed us. They collect exorbitant fees from us but don’t service roads,” said disgruntled residents

People who spoke to this news crew called for the accident victim who survived the terrifying accident to get compensated.