Universities’ innovation hubs to spur industrialisation

By Lavender Chandisareva

Government is satisfied with the strides tertiary institutions have made in the implementation of the Education 5.0 model through innovation hubs which are expected to spur the industrialisation drive.

This comes as the nation works towards attaining an upper middle-income economy by 2030, with students at various institutions of higher learning playing their part in the industrialisation agenda.

The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, Professor Amon Murwira says the momentum should be maintained if the country is to meet set targets.

Minister Murwira said this during a live ZBC News & Current Affairs programme, Face the Nation this Tuesday.

“Right now, we have registered 35 start-ups at the University of Zimbabwe in our innovation system. We are sponsoring 15 start-ups at the Midlands State University and we have many innovation hubs. We are going to have many quaternary hospitals, one at Great Zimbabwe, MSU. We are going to do it and meet our objectives,” he said.

Industry is also playing a key role in technological investments thereby contributing to the success of the industrialisation drive.

Added Professor Murwira, “Now we can produce medical oxygen at 99.99% purity at 50 tonnes per day. This country needs 150 tonnes per month in three days we produce for this country for the whole month. We are already now having agreements with Mozambique, Verifying Engineering is going to supply Manica, Sofala, Tete… that’s how far we are gone.”

The Education 5.0 model focuses on imparting practical skills and nurturing the spirit of innovation and investments in new technologies.