UK and Russia ambassadors anger Iran by restaging WWII image

The British and Russian ambassadors to Iran have angered the country by recreating a World War Two image of Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, when Iran was under Allied occupation.

The Russian embassy posted a photo of the two diplomats recalling a famous picture of the wartime leaders in 1943.

Iran’s foreign minister described the image as “extremely inappropriate”.

The Russians say no harm was intended, and they only meant to pay tribute to the Allied fight against Nazi Germany.

The ambassadors, Simon Shercliff and Levan Dzhagaryan, were pictured sitting on chairs on the steps of the Russian embassy in Tehran.

It echoed a photo taken of allied leaders Stalin, Churchill and US President Franklin D Roosevelt when they met for the first time at the Tehran conference in 1943. At the time, Iran was occupied by Russian and British forces.

The conference is remembered as the moment the Allied leaders agreed on the second front – the invasion of Normandy – to defeat Nazi Germany.