Two new #Covid-19 deaths as cases increase to 486

ZBC Reporter

TWO people died Saturday from the Coronavirus, bringing the number of fatalities to six since Zimbabwe recorded its first #Covid-19 case in March this year.

The two fatalities came as the country recorded seven new cases, taking the number of infections to 486.

According to a Ministry of Health and Child Care update, one of the fatalities was a “facility death” aged 79 while the other was “community death” aged 60.

“The facility death is from Bulawayo province who tested positive on the 17th of June 2020, and had other co-morbidities whilst the community death is from Midlands province who tested positive for #Covid-19 following routine swabbing on the 19th of June 2020,” the Ministry said.

Meanwhile, of the new cases, six were from South Africa while one was from Portugal.


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