Two fall into human trafficking trap in Oman

By Peter Chivhima
A 35 year old woman from Marondera has appeared in court on allegations of human trafficking.

Farisai Mupeti appeared before a Harare magistrate this Friday to answer to allegations of human trafficking after luring unsuspecting Zimbabweans to Oman where they were subjected to exploitation and work without pay.

It is the state’s case that the complainant, Murriam Zihumo reportedly left Harare in November last year under the impression that she has secured a lucrative job in Dubai, but was shocked to find herself in Oman, where she was subjected to three months of exploitation by unknown people who had literally bought her.

In a separate incident, Mupeti is said to have tricked another woman identified as Isabel Mushoriwa using the same modus operandi in January this year.

The two women are said to have escaped after claiming that they needed to attend to urgent family issues, with one of them lying that her mother had died.

Mupeti was arrested after the two women returned home and reported the matter to the police.

She was remanded out of custody to the 1st of June since she is breastfeeding.

Her suspected accomplice, Nyasha Allioms, is still at large and believed to be in Oman.