Two expecting mothers allegedly raped at Maphisa hospital

By ZBC Reporter

At a time when the world is commemorating 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence; the plight of expecting mothers has come under the spotlight in the wake of revelations that some of the women have allegedly been raped in Matabeland South Province.

Shocking revelations have emerged amid allegations that waiting mothers at various health institutions in Matabeleland South Province are allegedly being sexually assaulted by unknown assailants.

While Matabeleland South Police Spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena said they are still conducting investigations, reports indicate that the first cases were reported at Manama hospital in July.

Other cases were reported at Maphisa Hospital early this month before two women were allegedly raped at the same health institution last Saturday.

Provincial Medical Director for Matabeleland South Province Dr Rudo Chikodzore expressed shock over the cases indicating that the measures were being put in palce to address the problem.

“This has left us all shocked, two women were raped at Maphisa Hospital and what makes this more saddening is that this is occurring during the 16 days of gender-based violence. The district JOC has taken an active role in trying to address this problem because this is not the first time, we had another one at Manama Hospital and this at Maphisa is the second time,” she said.

Villagers have since sent a distress call in the wake of fears that the situation could get out of control.

“My younger sister who was among the waiting mothers here told me that they heard a knock at the door and when they tried to resist he pushed the door and he gained entry and they all escaped but unfortunately the other one was asleep. After gaining entry he kidnapped the one who was sleeping and took her to Thuli River where he raped her and broke her arm and later returned her. We need security at our hospital we are so worried,” said a villager.

“It is disheartening that our society has lost its marbles, we need to come together and proffer a lasting solution, we never knew that people can be so diabolical to an extent of raping someone pregnant .as stakeholders we really need to sit down,” added another.

Zimbabwe like the rest of the world is commemorating 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, a campaign which started on the 25th of this month and is set to end on the 10th of December.

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