Two airplanes refurbished for quelea birds spraying

By Tendai Munengwa

LOCAL wheat production has received a vital boost after a local company refurbished two aircrafts to curb the menace of Quelea birds.

The challenge of the birds which have become a threat to wheat production over the years is set to become a thing of the past after government availed foreign currency to a local company to refurbish aircrafts for spraying the menacing birds.

The two planes have now been fixed and are ready for wheat and other aerial spraying operations. 

We want to thank Government through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for availing Forex import spare parts for our engines and as you can see the airplanes are ready for spraying quelea birds this season,” said. Agricair General Manager, Carl Van dar Riet.

Another third plane will be fixed in the next three months after the company secured an engine for the aircraft.

Quelea birds are destructive and can wipe vast acres of wheat if not controlled.