Twin father looking forward to more children

A Nigerian man who has fathered five sets of twins has become a celebrity in the Western part of his country despite raising the children alone after his wife left him many years ago.

Despite the financial and physical constraints of raising so many children, the 40-year-old Nigerian Ayopo Ogunleye is looking forward to more children and has not ruled out marrying again.

Mr Ogunleye’s wife left years ago after her parents complained that she was having too many twins.

He is raising seven children as the couple lost the first set of twins as infants while a boy from the last set also died.

Mr Ogunleye said he had not been expecting twins the first time his wife conceived and was surprised when he was called to the hospital.  

He explains that having twins is also a mystery for him as he does not eat any special food.

For Mr Ogunleye, having twins is an answered prayer as he has been praying about it from childhood.

He says children are blessings from God and is looking forward to more children when he gets married again.