Twenty-eight more private schools closed

By Tendai Munengwa

TWENTY-eight more private schools have been shut down in Harare, while 17 directors arrested for running the schools without proper documentation.

A report released by Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education showed that 28 more private schools have been closed for breaching the Education Act.

The operation to ensure all private schools regularise their operations has also netted 17 more directors of private schools and colleges who defied government’s altimatum.

Independent Colleges Liaison Officer, Doctor Tapera Chikandiwa appealed to private schools to comply with the Education Act and engage the relevant authorities where clarification is required.

“What government is doing is the way to go. I urge all our members to comply and when issues which require clarification I have spoken to government which expressed willingness to assist us. Such issue to do with land we can take them for negotiations with government,” said Tapera Chikandiwa, independent colleges liaison officer.

An educationist, Dr Samuel Mudavanhu concurred with government decision to weed out learning institutions operating illegally.

“The decision is good for all who complied with the education act and to all who were operating outside the law government should continue until sanity prevail.”

The number of schools shut down now stands at 66, while over 40 directors have arrested as government continues on a blitz to bring sanity in the education sector.