Tugwi Mukosi to add diversity to Masvingo’s tourism package

THE finalisation of the Tugwi Mukosi Tourism plan is expected to be a major game-changer for Masvingo with several exciting tourism packages set to be added.
Apart from ensuring a vibrant agricultural sector, Tugwi Mukosi Dam which is the country’s largest inland water body is expected to add diversity to the tourism package in Masvingo.
An integrated National Park is on the cards with the Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality industry, Honourable Mangaliso Ndlovu highlighting that the tourism master plan will be finalised by month-end.
The minister was speaking on the sidelines of the Sikato Lions Park launch recently.
“We believe Masvingo has the potential to do very well in terms of tourism,” he said.
“It can be the second top earner for the provincial GDP. We will be by the 30th of November launching the tourism master plan. There are huge opportunities for developing the tourism sector within the Tugwi Mukosi projects. There will be restaurants, fishing activities, water sports. We want to see locals benefiting from that.”
Situated about 10 km from the Great Zimbabwe Monuments, Sikato Lions Park will be another exciting addition to the provincial tourism package.
Zimparks Director-General, Fulton Mangwanya said the lion park will be used as an educational centre for schools within the province.
“We are happy that the numbers of visitors since we brought the lions to keep increasing. Apart from tourism, this will be used for educational purposes.”
Tourism is among the sectors that have been massively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with hopes for revival pinned on promoting domestic tourism.

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