Trump and Biden duel in TV events ahead of US elections

US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have batted away key questions during duelling meet-the-voter TV events.

The TV voter question-and-answer event replaced a presidential debate which was cancelled due to President Trump’s Covid-19 positive diagnosis.

Mr Trump had refused to join that showdown virtually, following the recent Covid-19 diagnosis from which he now appears fully recovered.

During a TV event hosted on NBC in Miami, Mr Trump, a Republican, declined to disavow a bizarre online conspiracy, while Mr Biden, a Democrat, would not divulge plans for the Supreme Court.

The president was asked about the QAnon conspiracy theory, whose adherents believe that Mr Trump is battling a clandestine network of elites, often involving Satanic plots and child trafficking.

Mr Trump, asked whether he would reject them, he replied: “I know nothing about QAnon.”

“I know nothing about it, I do know they are very much against paedophilia, they fight it very hard.”

Joe Biden was asked at ABC TV network’s town hall in Philadelphia whether he supported court packing, which would entail adding seats to the US Supreme Court and appointing justices to influence the ideological balance of its rulings.

“I have not been a fan of court packing. I’m not a fan,” he said.

More than 18 million people have already voted in person or by post for the 3 November vote.

However, another presidential debateis still scheduled for 22 October, though it is unclear in what format.


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