Translation of Highway Code into Shona and Ndebele complete

By John Nhandara

THE move to translate the Highway Code into Shona and Ndebele has been welcomed by the public as a step in the right direction which speaks to government’s agenda of inclusivity.

Early this week, government indicated that the Highway Code has been translated into Shona and Ndebele, a move which confirms that the second republic is leaving no one and no place behind.

Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, including Shona and Ndebele.

The Highway Code contains road rules and regulations and is used by prospective drivers vying for learners licences.

Those interviewed by this news crew said translation of the Highway Code into Shona and Ndebele will make it easy for prospective licence holders to understand road rules in the language of their choice.

“It is a very good move because some are failing learners licence test not because they don’t know but because they don’t understand the English Language.

“Everyone is now able to write in the language they understand and we hope more languages will be incorporated.

“It has been long overdue because some of us are not good in the English language hence it will give us a chance to write in our mother language,” said a local who spoke the the ZBC News.

Translation of the Highway Code into the country’s 16 official languages was first mooted in 2015.