Transforming livelihoods through community gardens

By Courage Bushe

THE concept of community gardens is transforming lives in rural areas with the Vaka Community garden in Mabasa area of Zvishavane having grown into a viable business venture for women.

For a community whose life was based on subsistence farming, the concept of Community gardens has opened new windows of opportunity for women in the area.

This is the story of the Mabasa Community under Chief Masunda in Zvishavane where women are set to become active players in the economy through what is now a viable business venture.

“Our livelihoods depend on this garden because we are now able to transform our lives as women,” a farmer said.

“We are now able to make our own money without waiting for our husbands,” another added.

For Chief Masunda the community gardens are not only a source of livelihood but an opportunity for villagers to determine their own destiny in line with Vision 2030.

“We encourage our people to form committees to run these gardens because they are transforming people’ lives, in line with the President’s Vision 2030,” said Chief Masunda. This comes at a time when community gardens have become a well-established means of improving food security, health and nutrition of the populace across the country