Traditional leaders urge feuding African Apostolic Church members to unite

By Gay Matambo

TRADITIONAL leaders have urged feuding members of the African Apostolic Church to unite and put aside their differences over the leadership of the institution which is threatening to divide the church.

The President of the Chiefs Council, Senator Chief Fortune Charumbira, who is also President of the African Parliament, attended the African Apostolic Church Holy Communion conference in the Ndarikure area of Chirumanzu district in Masvingo province.

His message of unity came at the right time, with the church embroiled in a nasty leadership wrangle which is threatening to divide the church.

“I want to urge you to be strong because we are aware of the challenges that you are experiencing in this church. I heard that the church was being divided by the wrangles. I tried to find out the cause of the wrangles but I’m urging you all to unite,” he said.

Chief Chirumanzu took the opportunity to extol traditional churches like the African Apostolic Church for promoting social healing and reconciliation across the country.

“Traditional churches like this one complement our efforts as traditional leaders. Therefore, we appreciate the role they play in our societies as African churches for the African people,” he said.

The African Apostolic Church Ndarikure Holy Communion conference was held from August 12 to August 14.