Traders up in arms with Bindura municipality over market

By Tapiwa Machemedze

Informal traders in Bindura are up in arms with the local authority for failing to reopen the town’s main flea market, despite the relaxation Covid-19 restrictions.

Cat and mouse games with police and municipal officers have become the order of the day for informal traders displaced from Bindura’s main flea market due to Covid-19 and a new commercial property.
Traders bemoaned delays in the opening of a new site, 5 months after funds for new structures were released.

“We contributed money, $120 dollars each  after council said they had no money for a new market and we were told it will take two weeks to build but 5 months down the line there is nothing.”

“We are always running from police and municipal police on the streets and yet there is a market. They should reopen the market as early tomorrow.”

“We engaged council and they keep telling us the market is being reopened but nothing has been done. We are losing goods when they get confiscated or when they break while we evade police.”

According to Bindura Mayor Brian Kembo the new market will be operational by May.

” We are in the process of procuring some of the materials needed that’s why we have delayed and we apologise to the residents. I’m sure we will be able to reopen come May.”

The structures are expected to accommodate 300 traders, curb illegal vending and bring order in the central business district.

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