Town Board Status beckons for Mhangura

By Regis Mhako

MAKONDE Rural District Council has moved a motion for the elevation of Mhangura mine settlement to Town Board Status.

If approved by the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, the proposal is envisaged to create a localised administration that will improve service delivery and attract investors into the former mining settlement which is now servicing surrounding farms after the closure of Mhangura Copper Mine 22 years ago.

 “Makonde RDC is over burdened with responsibilities, because it has a large area under its jurisdiction. It would be good for Mhangura, to have a more localized administration,” said a resident.

“We are in support of the initiative, because for the past 22 years we have been under the mine which is defunct, so if we are under a town board, development will be easy to implement because it will be managed by people of Mhangura, imagine no stands have been allocated for the past 22 years,” said another resident.

Makonde Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Mr Paradzai Munyede said the Town Board Status will be an appropriate model for refreshing the settlement.

 “If Mhangura is granted the status, we look forward to the mine being be rejuvenated, we are not looking to resuscitate it in the model of the mine but we want to incorporate all activities and come up with a proper local government structure. Its resuscitation will definitely augur well with Vision 2030 thus citizens will immensely benefit from the coming in of the town,” said Mr Munyede.

The board will be entitled to fiscal autonomy in support of various local economic development initiatives for the benefit of the settlement of around 10 000 people.