Top Russian Professor endorses Museum of African Liberation project

By ZBC Reporter

A top Russian academic has endorsed the Museum of African Liberation project, describing it as a vital tool for research on African liberation history.

The Russian academic Professor Vladimir Shubin, who toured the Museum of African Liberation site in Harare this Wednesday, highlighted the significance of the Pan-African project to the world of research.

“I believe the completion of the project will be very important to preserve the history of African liberation, in this country, the region and the continent, therefore it is not surprising that many African countries are supporting this project. I believe this project will be important for academic studies of the liberation struggle in Africa and the history of Africa because it will show the exact process of the liberation and that museum will be prepared and the processes shown by Africans themselves,” he said.

 Professor Shubin is a Principal Research Fellow, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, and Research Fellow, Centre for Military Studies, Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

He has lectured in 20 countries and authored over 250 publications, including seven books such as The Hot ‘Cold War’. Soviet Union in Southern Africa, ANC: A View from Moscow, and Social Democracy and Southern Africa.

Before joining the academia, he was involved in the political and practical support for the liberation struggle in Africa, in particular as Secretary of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee and Head of the Africa Section of the CPSU International Department.

Apart from Orders of Friendship and Red Star and other Russian/Soviet state awards, he was bestowed with the South African Order of Companions of O.R. Tambo “for excellent contribution to struggle against apartheid and colonialism in Southern Africa”.

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