Tomb raiders wreck havoc in Hwange

By Mhlomuli Ncube

DARING thieves in Hwange are raiding built up graves and extracting bricks, which residents suspect are being sold to people who are carrying out building projects.

“We wonder who is doing this. This is inhumane, it is not normal,” said a resident.

Elders have even pronounced curses upon those who are doing such acts which they describe as “highly immoral.”

“We warn those who are doing this that they will invite bad omens upon themselves. For those taking those bricks and those buying them be warned, stop this. Imagine building a house with bricks stripped from a grave. Your house might even be haunted and you will regret it.”

Among the desecrated graves is the final resting place for a famous traditional healer in Hwange, where some bricks were removed but were left at a nearby grave.

“I believe they couldn’t take them away because this man was a very renowned traditional healer. Let them try it and they will see.”

While the cemetery falls under Hwange Colliery Company Limited’s Estates department, seeking a comment from the company did not yield results after demands for the ZBC News to email questions, which are yet to be answered. 

Meanwhile, the people in the affected community are convinced that whoever is carrying out such acts will definitely meet the wrath of the unseen forces.