Tobacco worth US$530 million sold in the 2022 tobacco marketing season

By Owen Mandovha

THE curtain is slowly coming down on the 2022 tobacco marketing, with more than 150 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf having gone under the hammer.

As 2022 tobacco marketing season entered Day 68 this Friday, demand for Zimbabwe’s tobacco grade has seen prices firming this year compared to last year, with more than US$530 million worth of the golden leaf having been sold to date.

Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) spokesperson Chelesani Moyo gives an update of the marketing season so far.

“Over 150 million kilograms worth US$530 million has been sold so far compared to 189 million kilograms sold during the corresponding period last year and prices were firmer compared to last year,” she said.

Moyo further added that this marketing season the industry regulator was firm in terms of clamping down on illicit tobacco marketing activities which brought sanity.

“Our inspectorate department has managed to root out errant companies and individuals who were engaging in side marketing so we have dealt with them to avoid defrauding farmers.”

Despite this year’s production of the golden leaf being subdued owing to erratic rainfall patterns, the firming average prices this season have seen tobacco farmers smiling all the way home.