Time to reposition, protect African founding fathers’ interest – Chief Charumbira

By Tendai Munengwa

The President of the Pan African Parliament, Chief Fortune Charumbira has outlined his comprehensive vision to re-position the continental August house to protect and save the interest of Africans.

After taking the reigns of power as the President of the Pan African Parliament in June this year, Chief Fortune Charumbira has hit the ground running by convening a strategic reorientation workshop for members of PAP.

This Monday the Pan African Parliament re-convened in Midrand, South Africa amid calls by its President, Chief Charumbira for the continental August house to reposition and re-invigorate the Pan-African agenda in line with principles of the founding fathers of representing the interests of Africans.

“First of all, every institution and every grouping should periodically reflect and do introspection. We are doing very well and for the Pan-African Parliament it is important. We had an unfortunate past and we should say, are we still focussed? Who conceived this idea? And we must adapt to new situations and are we answerable to the principles of our founding fathers and citizens?” he said.

The Pan African Parliament committees and other organs will be sitting on the 2nd of next month to deliberate on how best to tackle challenges and achieve developmental objectives of the African blue-print, Agenda 2063.

The strategic reorientation workshop for PAP members is being held under the theme: Reviving, Renewing, Repositioning and Reinvigorating the Pan African Parliament.