Thuli-Manyange dam a game changer

By Providence Maraneli
THE 100 mega litre cofferdam built as a source of water for the construction of Thuli-Manyange dam in Matabeleland South has brought relief to livestock farmers in Gwanda District.
When this news crew visited Ntalale and Vela areas this time of the year in 2017, it was all doom and gloom as Ntokozo Moyo and her son were scavenging for water.
On the other side, farmers jostled for livestock drinking water from the Thuli river bed sand wells.
Fast forward to 2021, the noise of water ducks, frogs and crickets is what tells you that the environment has changed in the once dry area thanks to efforts of the second republic.
For Ntokozo and her son, their prayers have been answered.
“People could wake up very early and take turns to water their animals, it was so bad and now that the government has built this cofferdam it has made it easy, said Ntokozo.
“October and November were really bad, people could fight at wells but this is commendable,” said a livestock farmer.
“This dam will go a long way in assisting us, our animals could walk long distances, we are really grateful to the government,” said another farmer.
The dream of turning the once a dry region of Gwanda into a green belt has the authorities from the area excited.
“This dispensation is serious, the projects that its doing are practical and people oriented, we would wish that this government continues like this even beyond 2023, because they are working flat out to serve the people. The 2030 vision is a reality considering how this dispensation performs,” said Phineus Maphosa, Ward Councilor.
Thuli-Manyange dam, which has a holding capacity of 35 million cubic meters, is set to be completed in December next year and will be the major source of water for Guyu, Manama and several irrigation schemes in Gwanda South.