Three Rugby Football league players breach Covid protocols

RUGBY Football League players, RFL, Wigan’s Jackson Hastings, Huddersfield’s James Gavet and Warrington’s Riley Dean have all been sanctioned for breaching Covid-19 protocols.

The trio are facing 14+day bans and fines, although Hastings’ suspension has already elapsed.

Gavet’s ban runs until 27 August, while Dean is suspended until 30 August.

The 14-day bans span all rugby league activity, including both matches and training.

“Covid protocols were established in the weeks leading up to the resumption of the Super League season earlier this month, with an emphasis on player education and collective buy-in, and with clubs encouraged to agree and enforce their own codes of conduct,” said the RFL’s chief regulatory officer Karen Moorhouse.

“In the main the protocols have been observed, and we are grateful to the majority of clubs and players and other individuals involved for their responsible and disciplined approach.

“However, we are in a situation where breaches of the protocols by any individuals connected with the game could have serious repercussions for all – either an impact on individual and public health, or in terms of disruption to the rescheduled fixtures list.”

The RFL, which did not specify the nature of the offences, added that it would be providing a weekly update on any further breaches of its coronavirus protocols.


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