Theileriosis-related cattle deaths fall by 40 percent

By Tendai Munengwa

Huge success has been registered since the launch of the Presidential Tickgrease with the programme reducing death of cattle by 40 percent since last year.

Two years ago, farmers lost thousands of cattle to theileriosis, popularly known as January Disease, and recovering their herd has not been easy.

In response, government launched the tick grease programme to assist over one million affected farmers and the results have been impressive.

“Tick grease is one of the effective ways to deal with ticks which causes the Theriolisis outbreaks. So, if every farmer treat his cattle religiously then the battle against the disease will be won,” said a farmer.

Another said, “The ticks are the brown ones found on secretive parts like behind the eyes of a cattle – thus where farmers should apply the tick grease.”

The Chief Director of the Department of Veterinary Services, Dr Josphat Nyika spoke on the positive impact of programme on the national herd.

“5-5-4 dipping and tick grease have gone a long way to contain the outbreak. Death of cattle has reduced by 40 percent and no much death or cases are being reported. 1.3 million kilogrammes of the tick grease have been distributed this year to eradicate the outbreak,” said Dr Nyika.

The 2022 second crop and livestock assessment reveals that the national herd grew from 5.5 million to 5.6 million, thanks to the tick grease and intensive dipping programmes implemented across the country.