The Vine collaborates with Grammy award winning Soweto Gospel Choir

By Colette Musanyera

Popular local gospel outfit The Vine is set to launch its second offering this Saturday with a live DVD recording which will feature South Africa’s Grammy award winning ensemble, Soweto Gospel Choir.

The Seventh Day Adventist Musical outfit’s album titled, “The Great Physician’, will be recorded live at the Harare International Conference Centre.

The Vine Director, Everton Mlalazi is ecstatic about the development.

“When I ventured into the music industry, my music was played on Trace Gospel and One gospel which earned it exposure in South Africa and beyond. That opened doors for me to collaborate with South Africa’s gospel heavyweights like Benjamin Dube and now Soweto Gospel Choir.

“Collaborations are good since they afford us a platform to learn from each other and it a humbling experience working with the talented multi award winning Soweto Gospel Choir. The album The Great Physician speaks to the situations which we face in our lives, they need God who is the Great Physician,” Mlalazi said.

The album, which comprises 12 songs including the title track, The Great Physician, Inyang’ enkulu and Ndimi Simba, will also feature Mahalia Buchanan and Mahong Mabaso from South Africa.

The Vine was founded in 2014 and released its debut album Musandipfuure in 2018.