The story of Sikhanyisiwe Tazvitya : A long-distance female truck driver


By Mhlomuli Ncube

It is not every day that a beautiful girl endures sleepless nights in a long-distance truck not as a passenger but as the driver.

The story of the female truck driver is one that makes for some interesting reading.

It is a story which is rich in determination and perseverance.

A tale of woman who walked from behind the scenes to the frontline.

One day Sikhanyisiwe Tazvitya decided she had had enough as a forklift operator.

Without fear or feeling intimidated she went straight behind the steering wheel of a heavy-duty truck.

She even declares that she is a different kind of woman, one who loves challenges and takes them head on.

I have always wanted those jobs that are said to be tough and for men. Those are the challenges I take head-on. I got tired of forklifts and decided to drive trucks, she said.

This female truck driver who plies long distance routes does not fear the darkness what and the unexpected breakdowns associated with heavy duty vehicles.

Confronted with such a challenge, she troubleshoots and if it’s a problem she can deal with, she gets down to business.

All this is done by a young woman who confesses that she prefers to go it all alone in all her journeys in this huge road monster. 

When I have a breakdown sometimes in dangerous spots I look for a way of parking my truck safely. If it’s a problem I can fix then I get into my overalls and do it.

At the age of 25 one would expect this girl to be thinking make up and dressing for occasions. But those are not in her day to day diary as she plans for the next long-distance trip.

That is where her adrenalin pumps up as she steers the huge road monster with dexterity and confidence.

For many who have probably chanted the song “wathint abafazi wathint’ imbokodo,” that piece could have been written specifically for Sikhanyisiwe Tazvitya the long distance female truck driver.

Although the size of the truck far outweighs this seemingly tiny woman, she resembles a giant when she sits behind the wheel and takes off for the long cross-country trips.