The ‘Penpusher’, who is he?

By Mhlomuli Ncube

The name “Penpusher” is well known among newspaper readers in the southern parts of the country.

However, many hardly know the humble man behind those famous Letters to the Editor, who was active in the local dailies since 1984.

Every generation has people who inspire it.

In the mining town of Hwange, Lawrence ‘The Penpusher’ Moyo is a household name.

Strange as it might sound, his road to fame started in 1984 penning letters to the editor in the most popular daily in the Southern parts of the country, The Chronicle.

Moyo says he was inspired by development advocacy and viewed himself as an important voice in the mining community.

“I wrote about development in my community. I realised my pen was so powerful when I would see authorities responding by addressing the issues raised,” Moyo said.

Many from his generation actually thought he was a full-time journalist.
But far from it, he was just a concerned citizen whose influence grew so much that he earned the nickname “The Penpusher.”

“I did not give myself that nickname. I earned it from newspaper readers who said this one is a Penpusher.”

Indeed, he pushed the pen with so much consistency with his influence earning him a place in local community newspapers.

Of course, things have changed due to social media, says the Penpusher, with the reading culture slowly becoming a thing of the past.

The nostalgia of those days still haunts him, and he remains confident that the culture of reading can still be revived.

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