The fight against drug abuse continues

By Tafara Chikumira

A Kwekwe based youth empowerment lobby group has embarked on an initiative to empower young people through life-changing skills while dealing with drug abuse among youths.

The 21st century has seen an unprecedented abuse of drugs and alcohol among youths, amid fears that we could lose a whole generation if stakeholders turn a blind eye to the social ill.

Daily, law enforcement agents are playing cat and mouse games with drug peddlers and some youths who are turning to illegal substances.

This has seen the International Young People Developers’ Trust taking a bold step to play a part in fighting the decay in society through hosting conferences where they create linkages for entrepreneurship and leadership grooming as well as offering support on accessing capital.

“As a trust, we asked ourselves on the role we can play as young people to help in the rebuilding of our nation towards achieving vision 2030. We said as young people we need to engage our peers and come up with programmes that ultimately help in that trajectory. We believe that every human being is on this earth for a purpose. Some people only need mentors for them to unleash their talents. This year we are launching a youth entrepreneurship hub here in Kwekwe before we move to other cities with the same project. We also intend to build schools in marginalised communities for accessibility to education.”

Some of the beneficiaries say they have learnt a lot through the project, with hopes high that they will improve their lives after the mentorship programme.

The inaugural conference for youths saw 60 delegates walking away with certificates on entrepreneurship and leadership skills after completing the week-long training programme that was conducted virtually and concluded physically.