The agony of teen pregnancy ;14 year old pregnant girl narrates her story

By ZBC Reporter

A 14-year old girl from Chiweshe who has been suffering in silence after getting pregnant eight months ago has finally opened up.

What started as a high school fling with her Form 1 school mate has become a tough lesson for the 14 year old girl from Chiweshe, who is now finding the going tough especially being eight months pregnant at such a tender age..

I met my boyfriend at school, we were both in form 1. We later slept together and I got pregnant. My legs are always swollen, I cannot walk sometimes, I feel pain in my chest and back and most of the time I won’t be able to wake up such that they have to lift me up. My head and eyes are painful sometimes it is very hard for me. At first I couldn’t eat always thinking of what people were saying behind my back when I pass through,explained the young girl.

As she tries hard to hide her agony, Gamu’s mother says she has since accepted her daughter’s fate and only hopes for the best.

There was a time she could crawl, unable to walk and this pained me a lot seeing my daughter suffering, I always cried and asked myself why this happened, I didn’t expect this,said the mother.

Be that as it may, Gamu has a word of advice to her peers.

I want my peers to know that this is not the way to go. Finish first your education and when you are done then you get into a relationship. My wish is to go back to school after conceiving,she said.

Teen pregnancies usually come with many complications and sometimes death as was the case with another 14 year-old, Anna Machaya who died while giving birth at a church shrine in Marange.