Teacher allegedly cuts pupils hair in a suspected Satanism case

By Yolanda Moyo                             

A Bulawayo-based family is searching for answers after their four-year-old daughter’s hair was shaved off at pre-school under unclear circumstances.

The incident took place on the 18th of February this year.

On being quizzed by the mother the, ECD pupil pointed an accusing figure at one of the teachers, but their search for answers yielded nothing before the matter was taken court.

“I contacted the teacher on the very night on a Friday, however she did not respond. I even called her and that is when she answered and said she was busy. I contacted the school head, who said we should sit down and discuss the issue. All l wanted was to find out what happened to my baby and if her hair was cut the braid would still be at school,” said the parent.

ZBC News is reliably informed that the matter was dismissed on lack of merit, but the family insists something is amiss.

The teacher, through her legal counsel, has written to the four-year-old girl’s mother threatening to file a defamation law suit at the High Court.

Contacted for comment, the school Head, Mavis Mlilo did not say much, referring the ZBC News crew back to the mother.  

“I do not know anything about that l was not there. Well, l cannot comment on that; l am just a school head. Listen, go and get answers from the parents who told you,” said the head, Mavis Mlilo.

While all the drama is playing out, the four-year old girl’s parent is still searching for answers and it is anyone’s guess whether she will get reprieve.