Tax evasion & corruption, a threat to the country’s economy

By Gay Matambo

THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA), has called on all government divisions and business stakeholders in Masvingo Province to actively participate in the elimination of corruption.

ZIMRA took its engagement with business stakeholders and government divisions on the #IamForZero anti- corruption campaign to Masvingo, where the authority’s Acting Commissioner General, Ms Regina Chinamasa highlighted how corruption and tax evasion are threatening the country’s economy.

Our economy is heavily dependent on sustainable domestic resource mobilisation for social and infrastructural development as ZIMRA collects close to 90% of the National Budgetary Revenue requirements. Corruption and tax evasion threatens the quality of lives and this is why this engagement is important,” she said.

Stakeholders who attended the meeting said the anti-corruption campaign will go a long way in curbing the scourge as it brings together both internal and external stakeholders in the fight against corruption.

Whilst we applaud that we have the internal integrity committee that is doing very well can we not also take a leaf from what ZRP is doing. They have local crime consultative committees that are multi stakeholder in nature,” said a business stakeholder.

“We are going to make sure that this information gets to our clients so that they know that if they are approached by any of the bogus officials, they know that a red flag should be raised and contact either regional offices or the nearest ZIMRA station in an effort to fight corruption,” added another.

Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Honourable Ezra Chadzamira commended Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for leading in the fight against corruption by creating multi- sectoral platforms that facilitate meaningful conversations on anti-corruption.

We are here to discuss corruption. This topic’s importance cannot be downplayed as it threatens our quality of life, our economy, our social fabric and future generations to come. Our government is employing a number of strategies to fight the corruption scourge. Reality is that corruption is a nationwide challenge,” he noted.

The #IamForZero campaign is expected to be rolled out in other provinces through engagements with key government divisions and business stakeholders.