Tapuwa Kapini disappointed with Highlands Park exit

BY Sibongumusa Dhlodhlo

Former Warriors goalkeeper, Tapuwa Kapini has expressed disappointment after being offloaded by South African top-flight club Highlands Park without any notice.

Despite being assured that the new owners at Highlands Park, TS Galaxy,  would not make any drastic changes to the team, Tapuwa Kapini and nine other players found themselves jobless after Tuesday’s training session.

The eccentric  Campos has expressed his disappointment at how the whole issue penned out, noting that administrators must give players a chance to psychologically prepare for such eventualities.

“At the moment, there were players that were supposed to sign pre-contracts with other clubs but they could not as they knew they were attached to Highlands Park. All of a sudden they come and tell you that you are now jobless. It’s just not good for football. I think football administrators must do better than that. Even when playing amateur football, they will tell you that your contract will not be renewed next season then you get to know your way forward.”

Turning to those calling for him to hang his gloves, Kapini described the talk as unfair, saying he still has more to offer on the field of play.

“I don’t entertain negativity. Those people who say I must retire, why are they not retiring from their jobs? Why do they want to say Kapini must retire? For what? I’m still strong and will go on. I don’t care who says what. This is my life and not their life. I know what I want to achieve in life so I’m not going to retire at the moment. You will see me again on tv playing football.”

While he could not be drawn to comment on his next move as his agents are busy working on the best possible deal, the former Highlanders and Warriors goalkeeper took the opportunity to pay tribute to football fans for their support.