Tap and solar power installation on boreholes relieves St Mary’s residents

By Wellington Makonese

RESIDENTS of St Mary’s in Chitungwiza are poised to benefit from the installation of solar power on boreholes being sunk under the Presidential Scheme to restore the provision of safe tap water in the suburb.

Olivia Musavenga and Beatrice Shenje represent a crop of young mothers in St Mary’s suburb who are raising families in the absence of running water exposing them to unhealthy living conditions.

Recycling and reuse of water from dishwashing and laundry has been normalised at their place of residence.

“We don’t even have a tap here because running water is not available, so we fetch water a distance away and store it in buckets,” said Beatrice.

Relief, however, has been brought through the Presidential Borehole Scheme spearhead by Prevail International in partnership with the ruling Zanu PF party, to provide clean tap water after the sinking of solarised boreholes.

“The programme is progressing well so far we have sunk 15 holes and they should be 20 by
Tuesday. From then, we expect to have tanked and solarised. From St Mary’s we are moving to Harare East and expect to sink 60,” said Mr. Paul Tungwarara, Prevail International CEO.

Zanu PF St Mary’s aspiring Legislator Cde Nobert Jinjika reaffirmed the ruling party’s commitment to improving the provision of social services to the residents.

“Some of us have never come to find tap water in this Constituency, but the President is ensuring that everyone regardless of party affiliation benefits. So as we finish, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to launch them all at once,” he said.

Fifteen boreholes have so far been sunk during the past week in St Mary’s, with the programme targeting to complete 40 in Chitungwiza.

Most urban areas have struggled to access portable water regularly as a result of several factors, chief among them, failure by the opposition-led councils to put their priorities right in terms of service delivery.