Tag Rugby Trust donates to officials

By Skilder Makona
TAG rugby special need centres, orphanages, key officials and administrators received a shot in the arm after Tag Rugby Trust Zimbabwe availed food hampers in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown period.
It was all smiles for tag rugby officials and administrators as well as special need centres and orphanages following a kind gesture by the Tag Rugby Zimbabwe Trust which provided them with food hampers to sustain their livelihoods during this lockdown period.
Beneficiaries applauded the association for its unwavering support during these hard times.
“We are very grateful for this support we had no starting point since we survive only when there’s some activity but if things are like this it’s actually hard for us to provide for our families, so this support from Tag Rugby Trust Zimbabwe, our association, will go a long way in cushioning us during this period,” they said.
Tag Rugby Trust Zimbabwe Country Director, Tinashe Shamu pointed out the need for associations to assist their officials and administrators especially during this period where there is no activity since most of them survive on officiating ball games.
“We engaged our partners and resolved that the financial assistance which they wanted to give us should be converted to food items since money cannot take them far they can’t go out and buy anything since they are on lockdown. Hence, we saw it fit to give them the basic foods so that they have a starting point during this Covid-19 lockdown era,” he said.
Tag Rugby Trust Zimbabwe managed to distribute food items which include mealie-meal to over 100 special needs centres, orphanages and their key officials and administrators across the country during this pandemic.