T Freddy trial: Psychologist confirms complainant’s story

By Fungai Jachi

The trial of Goodness and Mercy Ministries leader, Tapiwa Freddy who is facing charges of rape continued this Monday with a Psychologist confirming to the court that the complainant sought counselling services as she was failing to deal with trauma.

A psychologist, Alice Muridzo who gave her testimony this Monday, told the court that she offered counselling services to the complainant who was struggling to deal with the trauma associated with sexual abuse.

She also told the court that the complainant confided with her that Freddy had forced himself on her and that the alleged abusive relationship was suffocating her.

Quizzed by the defence why she did not help the complainant to report the matter, the psychologist said rape survivors deal with trauma differently adding that as a counsellor she had no obligation to report the matter to the police.

Another witness, a Digital Forensic Expert Tafadzwa Victor confirmed the authenticity of the audios submitted by the State as evidence.

The third witness Gibson Jaji confirmed that Freddy attended a meeting at Chief Chikwaka’s homestead where the issues concerning the alleged abuse were discussed.

The State closed its case this Monday after leading evidence from six witnesses with the defence giving notice to file an application for discharge at the close of the State’s case.

The defence will submit a written application by the 31st of this month with the State responding by the 4th of February.

The presiding magistrate is expected to make a ruling on the 8th of February.