Symposium addresses challenges facing women, youths

Leaders from various facets undertaking a two-day transformational leadership course have vowed to use their portfolios to positively influence disempowered sections of society such as youths and women in fighting various forms of violence.

The symposium involved traditional leaders, local authorities and ministerial heads from across three provinces in an attempt to address factors that curtail socio-economic growth among youths and women.

Mashonaland Central Mining Director, Mr Tariro Ndlovu said they have devised measures to lure and encourage the groups to engage in organised mining activities.

“We realised that they do not own many of the mines, a lot is involved, assessing pegging but as a ministry we have experts in place to assist them because this is one area they complain about,” she said.

Rushinga District Development Coordinator, Loretta Jonasi noted the importance of leadership grooming while female village Head Chiveso urged young women to support each other.

She said: “The skills we attain need to be passed on to the youth develop them to become leaders who can transform themselves and society. Women often struggle with the pull-her-down syndrome, but they need to be taught their roles and unite.”

Meanwhile, Institute for Young Women’s Development Director, Glanis Changa Chirere said the leadership training will aid in mitigating gender-based violence.

“We are optimistic that these leaders will in the end take baby steps in challenging some of the structural systems that expose women to violence in trying to access various resources,” she said.

The leadership training included leaders from Mashonaland Central, Mashonaland East and Manicaland Provinces.