Switzerland hoists flag at the Museum of African Liberation site

By Admire Huni

Switzerland has hoisted its flag at the Museum of African Liberation site in Harare as a sign of perpetual solidarity with Africa in its endeavor to find an authentic voice on the global arena. 

Having a relationship with the African continent that goes back to the struggle for independence, Switzerland is well known for being an advocate of human liberties.

The Swiss therefore believe the Museum of African Liberation project is a noble initiative.

This Thursday, Switzerland Ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency Niculin Jager toured the Museum of African Liberation site in Harare where he hoisted his country’s flag, planted a tree as a sign of continuous friendship with Africa and handed over information communication technology equipment to INSTAK.  

“We appreciate very much the possibility that has been given by the President to the people of Zimbabwe and the people of Africa to tell their own story. The story of the struggle, the story of the fight against apartheid, about colonialism and to offer an opportunity and the floor to have multiple voices to tell their own story to the people and to have a hotspot for future generations to come together to learn about their history and shape their own future,” H.E. Jager said.

“You know there is the Swiss Solidarity Movement like in many European countries and they supported the struggle for liberation, the fight against apartheid and there are a lot of documents from the solidarity movements and the Swiss state during that time.

“We do believe that most of these documents are still lying idle on the African continent and we have an expertise in digitalisation and archiving such documents that’s why my embassy has made available the technology to access the documents and digititalise them because we understand that the museum will serve as a meeting point for researchers, for scholars from Africa and all over the world,” he added.

Institute of African Knowledge Chief Executive Officer Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi thanked the Second Republic for pioneering the engagement and re-engagement trajectory which is yielding positive results.

“There are other opportunities for collaboration because for example Harare’s first ever cable car will be at the Museum of African Liberation we are going to embark with Swiss companies for its execution. We have a five-star hotel that is going to be here that will need international management and Switzerland boasts of some of the world’s most known international hotel management companies so we are going to be in discussions with them. There are new opportunities that come when good friendship happens,” he said.

Zimbabwe and Switzerland have cordial relations dating back to the days of the liberation struggle.

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