‘Sustainable extraction of minerals that does not affect eco systems critical’

By Josephine Mugiyo

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says mining companies should carry out their operations in a manner that does not negatively affect eco systems.

He was speaking at the Chamber of Mines Conference which ended in Victoria Falls this Friday.

With several mines operating across the country, they operate within communities. This requires the companies to rehabilitate areas they have worked on in a safe manner to ensure the land can still be used.

As he addressed stakeholders in the mining sector, President Mnangagwa reminded them of the need to sustainably extract minerals.

“Sometimes as I fly around I see many holes, which you have dug and you’re gone .I know these have not been put by God. So please don’t invite me to put draconian measures .Over and above supporting livelihoods it is also necessary for you in the sector to increase investment in the protection of the environment while building long term community resilience,” he said.

While applauding mining companies for notable increased production, President Mnangagwa also spoke on the importance of harnessing new technologies in order to bolster the growth of the sector.

“Technological breakthroughs anchored on investment in research and development, coupled with the adoption of modern mining financing and production models , must further see the growth of the mining sector through increased extraction as well as value addition and beneficiation in a sustainable manner,” he added.

The chamber of mines Annual General Conference provided a platform for dialogue between government and mining companies with the thrust focusing on improving performance of the sector.