Suspected car thief remanded in custody

By Fungai Jachi

A daring 22-year-old Harare man who allegedly stole a vehicle at Quest Motors after pretending to be an employee has appeared in court facing charges of theft.

George Santos Dhliwayo allegedly approached security personnel manning Quest Motors and produced a fake employee’s identity card before he was given the vehicle.

The court heard that a security guard at the main gate later noticed that the gate pass he was given was fake and efforts to locate the vehicle were made leading to the arrest of the accused.

He was remanded in custody after appearing in court Thursday.

Still at the courts, two suspected armed robbers, Lazarus Munyuki aged 35 and 47-year-old Brian Chikwenya who allegedly attacked a Chitungwiza family and demanded valuables at gunpoint have been denied bail.

The duo allegedly broke into a Chitungwiza house where they threatened to kill the family before getting away with valuables.

The suspected robbers who have been charged with armed robbery were allegedly armed with guns, hammers and machetes.