Suicide attempts on the rise

By Lisa Masuku

SUICIDE attempts are on the increase in Bulawayo, with adolescents and young adults contributing to most of the cases recorded last year.

Maria Ncube (not her real name) is lucky to be alive after she attempted to commit suicide.

Now recovering at Mpilo hospital, the 29-year-old who had a drug overdose recounts how failure to overcome depression emanating from a property wrangle nearly took her life.

“I just don’t know what came over me. I was overwhelmed by emotional trauma. We were having constant family fights over a family house and I was about to be chucked out. I don’t even remember everything, the only thing I remember is taking an overdose of tablets because I really wanted to put an end to the pain I was feeling. However, I woke up here and the pain that I have subjected myself to again is even more unbearable. I regret what I did because on top of the emotional pain that I was going through, am now here undergoing physical, financial pain.”

Ncube is among many who have attempted to take their own lives in recent times.

Mpilo Central hospital has the most alarming statistics after the institution recorded almost a 100 percent increase in the past five months from 8 to 15 cases a month.

“We are seeing quite a huge increase in attempted suicide cases. There seems to be quite a breakdown in society because some of the things that we are seeing, people are fighting over very minor things and they end up attempting to take their own lives. People are taking a lot of substances, tablets, red tablets and all sorts of tablets. We used to see about eight cases a month, but now we are seeing about 15 cases a month.”

What is even more worrying is that most of the cases involve young women.

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