Student unions castigate capture

BY ZBC Reporter

Members of the country’s two major students unions; ZINASU and ZICOSU have united under the banner Collective Students Union to condemn the hijacking of student activism by the country’s detractors.

Representing the Collective Students Union during a press conference in Harare this Tuesday, Kumbirai Mutengu said some foreign embassies are using students to stage demonstrations in return of favours like scholarships and visas.

He claimed that the United States Embassy in Harare was sponsoring them to engage in demonstrations to provoke State security agents and tarnish the country’s image.

Adding that the US Embassy had some black foreigners who coordinated the students’ illegal programmes.

“We would like to share this information based on an encounter that one of us here has had with the American embassy. Let it be known that there is a student desk from which Zimbabweans are employed by the US embassy to coordinate programmes together with some black foreigners whom you can’t even suspect that they are foreigners,” he said.

“At one point some of us were invited to the embassy and given a mission to stage a series of demonstrations that are meant to provoke security forces to react and result in clashes that will paint Zimbabwe as an unstable nation which is in deep crisis. In return for this, we have been promised visas to travel to America and scholarships.”

The developments come at a time when the US continues to criticise Zimbabwe for alleged human rights abuses when in fact it was reportedly funding fake “abductions”.

Security agents suspect that the embassy harbours some of the people alleged to have been abducted.