Strengthening bilateral relations paramount: Ambassadors

 By ZBC Reporter

The recently appointed Ambassadors-designate to Germany and Sweden have pledged to strengthen bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and the two European countries in all sectors of the economy.

The two Ambassadors-designate, Alice Mashingaidze and Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga met President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House before their departure this Monday.

Speaking to Journalists after a closed-door meeting, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-designate to Germany Her Excellency Alice Mashingaidze said the key message from the President is to attract investment in all sectors of the economy.

We have been instructed to deepen bilateral relations, as you know Germany and Zimbabwe enjoy cordial relations, so my work is clear to deepen those relations by attracting investment,she said.

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-designate to Sweden Her Excellency Priscilla Misihairambwi – Mushonga said the instruction is to continue pushing the re-engagement agenda.

The message from the President is to continue pushing the re engagement agenda, attracting investment. You know Sweden, Demark, Finland and Norway played critical role during the liberation struggle, so I am going to cultivate these relations for the good of the country, she said.

On her diplomatic posting coming from opposition politics, Ambassador Misihairambwi -Mushonga said the interests of the country come first.

It shows that when you are deployed, it is done to serve the President, so in a diplomatic mission, there is no opposition or partisan politics, we work for the country. It also shows that President Mnangagwa doesn’t to leave anyone behind, everyone is given a chance to work for Zimbabwe, she added .

Zimbabwe enjoys cordial relations with most countries around the world, with Germany consuming some of the country’s horticultural produce.

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