State-assisted funeral for late actress, Anne Nhira

THE late former Studio 263 Actress, Anne Nhira who died in South Africa last week has been accorded a state assisted funeral.
Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda confirmed the development saying the President, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa approved a state assisted funeral for the late actress.
Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Hon. Tino Machakaire is expected to deliver the message to the family this morning at the late Anne Nhira’s family residence in Manyame Park, Chitungwiza.
Nhira’s autopsy results are still to be revealed, possibly ending the mystery of her sudden death, her father said yesterday.
The death of the talented actress caused a lot of speculation, especially on how she was mugged, with some stating she was mugged while coming from a prayer session, while others said she had refused to hand over her valuables.
The autopsy results were delayed because it was a weekend and there were some investigations being done, a close family source told The Herald.
Anne, who was mugged last Monday afternoon in Bedford View, South Africa, suffered injuries on her chest area, rib cage and back.
She died on Thursday last week. She was 38.
Anne’s father, Mr Charles Nhira said the post-mortem was done over the weekend and they were awaiting the results.
“I have not been told anything yet of what really happened and I am anxiously waiting for that news,” he said. “My boys (sons) in South Africa know much on what to do and that is what I am waiting for.”
Mourners are gathered at 3429 in Manyame Park.