‘Sports associations should embrace sports science’

By Lawrence Trusida

National sporting associations have been challenged to prioritise sports science if they want to improve on podium performance and ultimately achieve good results.

Bio-kinetics is one area that hasn’t been explored in Zimbabwe. It helps with injury prevention, performance enhancement and rehabilitation from injuries.

A bio-kineticist Amy Bond says for Zimbabwe to achieve podium performance, associations should invest in medical teams.

“In order to get to a high level of sport, you need a multi-disciplinary team medical team, physiotherapist, dietician, bio-kineticist, psychologist and so on,” he said.

“So if there we sufficient resources for a team or athlete then performance will definitely improve and because we lack resources our athletes are not conditioned for high level competitions and its stressful on them.

“Older athletes also tend to look for a job and that’s affecting performance, we have good examples who have improved after seeing a bio-kineticist so we need to do that more.”

Sport has evolved and Zimbabwean athletes haven’t done well at international competitions and this has been largely been caused by lack of implementation of sports science.

Sprinter Ngoni Makusha and swimmer Donata Katai broke records after seeing a bio-kineticist, whilst Zimbabwean-born England rugby players David Denton and Marco Mama have always visited a bio-kineticist each time they are in the country.

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