Spain’s Former King to leave country amid multiple investigations

Former King Juan Carlos (82) of Spain has made a shock announcement on Monday that he is leaving the country.

The 82-year-old who is targeted by a corruption probe announced the move in a letter posted on the royal website which was addressed to his son and predecessor, Juan Carlos. He said that his decision to leave was taken “with the same eagerness to serve Spain that inspired my reign.”

This comes after Spain’s Supreme Court opened an investigation, in June, into his ‘alleged’ involvement in a high-speed rail contract in Saudi Arabia.

Spain’s Supreme Court has said, “it aims to establish Juan Carlos’s connection with the Saudi Arabia contract after his abdication.”

Furthermore, the Spanish anti-corruption officials suspect that the former king kept some undeclared funds in Switzerland.

Spain’s government said on Monday that it respected the decision by Juan Carlos to leave the country but added that  “justice is equal for all” and it would “not interfere” in the inquiry.

No further details were given to the media as to where the ex-King would be going. However, some reports suggest he has gone to the Dominican Republic but would be available if prosecutors needed to speak to him.



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